Hostile Environment and High Risk Awareness Course – HZL

HZL provides a comprehensive selection of specialist safety training courses. Utilising intelligent application of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) method, each course is bespoke and tailor made for the client to fully integrate and support existing company guidelines and policies.

Our professionally delivered courses will enhance personal safety and security at all corporate levels and therefore promotes holistic company safety as well as greatly contributing towards maximum company efficiency and effect.

The management team from HZL benefit from years of delivering operational and strategic effect in specialist military organisations (UK Special Forces / specialist high assurance search teams). As senior trainers and managers they are at the leading edge of a wide range of specialist training delivery suitable for the private sector, the military and the government.

All our services are completely confidential and we are pleased to work to non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

To help you achieve your goal our dynamic team of instructors are all qualified and experienced professionals, highly skilled in the subjects they teach. Amongst our instructors are experienced and currently operational CPO’s from the hostile environment, military and executive close protection sectors.

Qualification details:
Hostile environment training courses are designed for individuals or teams travelling and working in hostile / volatile or potently hostile / volatile regions of the world. The ability to successfully achieve global responsibilities whilst ensuring employee safety and security is paramount to enduring successful business whatever the company or organisations role may be i.e. media, corporate, NGO’s or government. Whether threats come from an unstable country infrastructure, high threat of crime or possible terrorist activities each hostile environments course is bespoke and tailor made for the client and after detailed consultation will fully prepare their employees before deployment and therefore address and reduce potential risk.

Units covered:
Risk Management

Assessing Risk:
Risk Management:
  • Generic risk assessment
  • Physical
  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Technical
  • Situation awareness
  • Personal
  • Barriers to communication
  • Political / social
  • Defusing skills
  • Medical

  • Legal 

Personal and Group Safety and Security (Away Team)

  • Personal security overview
  • Equipment
  • Pre-departure administration
  • Reaction to check points with and without protection
  • Arriving in country
  • Reaction to crowds and mobs
  • Travel security
  • Grab bags
  • Pre-journey checks
  • GPS
  • Safety checks
  • Mines and unexploded ordUxo awareness

Home and Away Team Policy, Procedure and Guidance:

Introduction to and implementing:

  • Standing Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Tactical and Technical Procedures (TTP)

  • Incident management
  • Communication discipline
  • Media and physiological
  • Communication cascade
  • Casualty action plans
  • Hostage situations
  • Family liaison
  • Movement and travel

Group discussion on SOP’s and TTP’s

  • Areas of responsibility between home and away team.
  • Table top exercise to confirm understanding of policy and procedure guidance.

The course title is delivered over 2 days culminating with a real time scenario based exercise. During the exercise main events will be issued to the exercise control and incidents will occur as the afternoon progresses. Both teams will be expected to react to situations as they occur.

The Hostile Environment and High Risk Awareness course is an Internal Quality Assured course offered by HZL.

To book a course:
Our hostile environment programmes are extremely flexible in their content and presentation. Each course lends itself to a bespoke design that needs to be planned to meet the client’s needs rather than the client needing to extract information from a predefined programme.

To book a course it is requested that the client firstly outlines their requirements via an email. We will then enter into a discussion to identify necessary content and level required to ensure that the course meet the client’s needs.

Course duration:
2 days

£480 (inc.VAT)