Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Facility Management (QCF)

Qualification details:
The Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Facilities Management (QCF) is a qualification aimed at those individuals who already work, or want to work, in facilities management. It is especially suited for trainee / assistant facilities mangers, first line managers and facilities management team leaders. This comprehensive course covers the following units to enable candidates to achieve the Level 3 qualification and progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level.

This qualification forms the knowledge element of the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Facilities Management.

Units covered:
Mandatory Group A:

Unit 1 Understanding Health & Safety
Unit 2 Understanding facilities management within the context of an organisation
Unit 3 Understanding and developing relationships in the workplace
Unit 4 Delivering facilities management service in the workplace

Optional Group B
Unit 5 Solving problems and making decisions
Unit 6 Understanding innovation and change in an organisation
Unit 7 Understand how to establish an effective team
Unit 8 Understanding how to motivate to improve performance
Unit 9 Developing yourself and others
Unit 10 Understanding recruitment and selection of new staff in the workplace
Unit 11 Understanding the induction of new staff in the workplace
Unit 12 Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace
Unit 13 Managing workplace projects Unit 14 Understanding performance management
Unit 15 Understanding costs and budgets in an organisation Unit 16 Understanding how to manage the efficient use of materials and equipment
Unit 17 Introduction to managing and maintaining property and assets
Unit 18 Understanding the need for effective management of space within own organisation
Unit 19 Understanding support services operations in an organisation
Unit 20 Understanding sustainability and environmental issues in an organisation
Unit 21 Understanding utility services and energy efficiency in the workplace
Unit 22 Understanding procurement and supplier management in the workplace
Unit 23 Understand how to manage contracts and contractors in the workplace
Unit 24 Understanding incident management and disaster recovery in the workplace
Unit 25 Understanding security measures in the workplace
Unit 26 Understanding leadership in the management role

Delivery methods:
The Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Facilities Management (QCF) is 10 days classroom based training Assessment is through a variety of means which includes question and answers test, multiple choice questions, question and answer (verbal) and essay .

Entry requirements:
There are no formal entry requirements. However, candidates should be able to work at Level 2 or above and be proficient in the use of English language.

Time: 0830 – 1630 hrs .

Course duration:
The duration of the Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Facilities Management is 10 days classroom based training .

Course cost:
£1440.00 (inclusive of VAT).